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Version 14.6 (August 7, 2020)

- Added recording video and send images on motion to Telegram messenger.
- Added Eufy smart cameras support (video + events). Supported both cloud and RTSP protocols.
- Added Blink smart cameras support (video + events).
- Added Wyze Cam Outdoor support.
- Added events playback for KAMI/Yi alerts.
- Added audio for JCodec muxer.
- Fixed not showing last event in Wyze cloud.
- Fixed KAMI/Yi battery cameras live startup.

Version 14.5 (July 15, 2020)

- Added quick cameras selection by scrolling from left to the right instead of swipes.
- Added ability to add custom PKCS12 certificate for web server in app Settings - Web Server.
- Added tinyCam web server events playback from another tinyCam app.
- Added DoorBird cloud events playback.
- Added 1-w audio for Arlo.
- Added showing saved passwords via biometric authentication.
- Improved cameras caching.
- Fixed ownCloud/Nextcloud.

Version 14.4 (June 20, 2020)

- Added timeline for local/cloud events playback.
- Added 2FA for Wyze via authenticator app.
- Added ability to specify param %MOTION_TYPE% in \'Webhook on motion\' to be notified the motion detected type, e.g. face, person, etc.
- Fixed 2FA for Arlo.
- Fixed corrupted motion detection parameters sensitivity changed.

Version 14.3 (April 15, 2020)

- Added warning about social distancing. Enable it in app Settings - Object Detection - Draw Social Distancing.
- Added optical zoom in via joystick (gas/brake).
- Added 2FA for Arlo.
- Fixed connection leak in background service.
- Fixed FTP upload retry on connection lost.
- Fixed Android Camera for Pixel XL 4.

Version 14.2 (March 2, 2020)

- Added RTMP live streaming.
- Added Tasker command to start/stop live streaming.
- Added Tasker command to start Picture-in-Picture.
- Added Arlo cameras support (video + Arlo cloud).
- Fixed reliability of starting some tinyCam tasks from Tasker on Android 10.0. "Display over other apps" permission should be requested.
- Fixed Yi cameras reconnection.

Version 14.1 (January 5, 2020)

- Added ability to make object and face detection only when motion detected.
- Added 'Clear App Cache' in app Settings - Developer Settings.
- Fixed new Yi cameras support.
- Fixed reliable detection of Wyze and Neos cameras by network scanner.
- Fixed CLEARTEXT issue when Modern or Obsolete SSL/TLS selected in app Settings - Security.
- Fixed broken ownCloud/NextCloud.
- Fixed support for Office 365 SMTP server for sending emails.
- Fixed improperly recording stop causing memory leaks.
- Fixed multiple crashes on some devices.

Version 14.0 (December 20, 2019)

- Added AI object detection (person, pet, vehicle). See this.
- Added ability to download video from Wyze, Neos clouds and Blue Iris alerts.
- Added 'Draw crosshair' in app Settings - Video Settings to show the center of image.
- Added Tasker face, person, pet, vehicle detected condition states.
- Added Yi cameras support.
- Moved to Google Drive API v3.
- Minimum Android version is 5.0 (was 4.4). Some ancient self-signed SSL certificates may not work.
- Increased in-app motion detector speed by 20%.
- Fixed web server invalid handling of Accept-Encoding.

Version 13.2 (December 1, 2019)

- Added support for playback events from Wyze cloud (Wyze CMC), Neos cloud, Blue Iris alerts.
- Multiple Neos cameras support (25 cameras max).
- Fixed Samsung S9 and S10 front/rear cameras support.
- Fixed Nest cameras support.

Version 13.1 (November 1, 2019)

- Added support for face unlock for Android 10.
- Redesigned recorded events.
- Fixed "unsupported auth scheme" for Neos cameras.
- Fixed live view for Android devices with screen notches.

Version 13 (October 23, 2019)

- Added 2-w audio for Wyze Cams.
- Added HiChip P2P support w/ 17 characters, e.g. FFFF-123456-ABCDE used by apps like CamHi.
- Added Neos SmartCam support.
- Added support for Neos SmartCam into tinyCam Cloud subscription service.
- Added ability to reorder cameras on Android TV.
- Added copy dialog in Manage Cameras window.
- Added arm64 build.
- Removed Amazon Drive support. It is going to be discontinued by Amazon on November 2019.
- Fixed audio reconnection for Wyze Cams.
- Improved startup speed of software decoder.

Version 12 (August 1, 2019)

- Added 2FA support for Wyze Cams.
- Added main/sub streams support for Wyze Cams.
- Added ability to specify bitrate for Wyze Cams.
- Added 'Auto start sequence mode on live view'.
- Added reporting CVE-2019–3948 vulnerability by scanner for Amcrest devices.
- Fixed renaming local storage camera directory on camera name renaming.
- Fixed Android Q gestures.
- Fixed crashes on Android Q.

Version 11 (April 15, 2019)

- Added RTSP support for WyzeCams.
- Added reporting CVE-2019-11220 vulnerability by scanner for iLnkP2P devices.
- Added proper handling Wyze Sense devices.
- Added support for tinyCam Cloud - secured service for video surveillance. Available via app drawer.

tinyCam Cloud major features:
* Works with majority of modern IP cameras (Wyze Cams, RTSP cameras, P2P cameras w/ 20 characters UIDs).
* Fully encrypted private storage.
* No missed events. 24/7 continuous recording and motion detection.
* No tinyCam app needs to be running. Works independently.
* Web and Android client.
* Monthly subscription. Cancel at any time.
* More info available at https://cloud.tinycammonitor.com/

Version 10.2 (September 29, 2018)

- Added ability to specify main/sub streams. Low-bandwidth profile settings removed.
- Added auto stream profile. Sub streams used for multiple cameras layout. Main stream for single layout.
- Added audio playback via web server.
- Added motion detection via web server.
- Added ability to specify 20fps for Wyze Cam via Admin commands. Default 10.
- Added reporting Axis ACV-128401 vulnerability by scanner.
- Added background mode for Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.
- Added audio for Xiaomi Dafang.
- Added support for Wyze Cams in tinyCam Cloud.
- Added on-camera motion detection for DoorBird.
- Improved scanner for Wansview cameras.
- Improved Manage Cameras window.
- Improved Background Mode performance if hardware decoder used.
- Fixed Blue Iris 4 UI3.

Version 10.1 (June 24, 2018)

- Full Android 9.0 support.
- Added 'Run widget service in foreground' in App Settings - Widget Settings for Android 8.0+.
- Shows |R| if remote hostname is used in camera statistics.
- Removed obsolete JPEG recording. Only H264/MP4 recording allowed.
- Added Wyze Cam Pan and Xiaomi Dafang.
- Added getting cameras settings via web server /get_cam_list.json and /get_cam_list_rtsp.json requests.

Version 10 (April 2, 2018)

- Added live view auto restart on crash. Enable it via App Settings - Watchdog - Watchdog for live view.
- Added Android Auto support. See https://goo.gl/VBkC3o
- Added 1-w audio for Android camera.
- Added Turkish translation.
- Added native Android Oreo support.
- Added preliminary support for Android P.
- Improved web server.
- Improved WyzeCam support, e.g. LED added.

Version 9.2 (December 23, 2017)

- Added Android Things OS for IoT devices support.
- Added WyzeCam support.
- Added new authentication method for web server with user and pwd params.
- Fixed NestCam 403 error.

Version 9.1 (November 10, 2017)

- Added control PTZ cameras via Bluetooth gaming controller. https://goo.gl/DxWRQe
- Added ability to specify cipher/protocol type for SSL in App Settings - Security Settings.
- Added tinyCam Cloud support for Android TV.
- Added showing CPU frequency in web server.
- Added focus and iris support for web server.
- Added 2-w audio for P2P TUTK cameras.
- Added P2P TUTK cameras support in tinyCam Cloud.
- Improved stability for P2P TUTK cameras.
- Improved tinyCam Cloud plugin.

Version 9.0 (August 24, 2017)

- Added Android 8.0 adaptive icon.
- Added Android 8.0 notification channels.
- Added Android 8.0 picture-in-picture mode instead of floating windows. Can be still reverted to floating windows in App Settings - Developer Settings.
- Added floating windows and picture-in-picture mode in FREE version.
- Added MP4 recording to FTP server.
- Added 'Webhooks on motion' in Camera Settings - Motion Detection, e.g. for IFTTT integration. See video.
- Added 'Autoupdate remote IP address' in Camera Settings - Advanced Settings.
- Added reporting vulnerabilities by network scanner for ONVIF anonymous access for Foscam and some other cameras, and scanner for known Foscam FTP server credentials (CVE-2016-8731).
- Added snapshot protocol for embedded web server, e.g.
- Added H.265 codec for P2P.
- Added controlling PTZ in embedded web browser by keyboard (left, right, up, down, 1-9, +, -).
- Added Tasker task to start/stop background audio.
- Added 'Record audio' in background mode options.
- Added 2 cams horizontal layout for Android TV.
- Added Chinese Traditional and Swedish translations.
- Improved handling multiple live view connection for web server.
- Improved HW/HW+ decoders startup time.
- Fixed memory leak in video widgets.
- Fixed 'Untrusted SSL certificates' option didn't work properly.
- Fixed inability to show dir content on settings import in some cases.
- Fixed crashes on Android 8.0.
- Disabling 'Tasker support' in App Settings - Developer Settings also disables 'Tasker commands' in live view.

Version 8.1 (May 8, 2017)

- Added vulnerability network scanner for reporting known vulnerabilities and backdoors your IP cameras may have.
- Added warning if camera password is weak.
- Added web server logs for admin account with real-time statistics update (CPU graph).
- Added on-screen joystick and presets to control PTZ cameras via web server. https://goo.gl/zOXEVn
- Added 5x recorded video playback speed.
- Added ability to specify custom SMTP server from email sending.
- Added language selection in app settings.
- Added Samsung DeX Station support.
- Fixed Synology Surveillance Station support.
- Improved (less) CPU usage for background recording on motion.
- Improved tinyCam Cloud integration.

Version 8.0 (April 1, 2017)

- Added MP4 cloud recording. https://goo.gl/IQELdo
- Added ownCloud and Nextcloud support.
- Added UPnP port forwarding. https://goo.gl/jmddvF
- Added pinning local archives for preventing auto deleting if quota exceeded.
- Android O support.
- Improved web server.
- Increased prerecording buffer before motion detected to 10 sec.
- Increased max size (20 chars) of username for Foscam cameras.

Version 7.5 (March 3, 2017)

- Added themes support in Settings - Theme.
- Added contrast theme for Android TV.
- Added ability to select date in event list for tinyCam Cloud (Beta).
- Improved UI for strictly following Material Design guidelines.
- Improved runtime permissions handling.
- Improved usability.
- Improved manual.
- Fixed web server playing video in Safari browser.

Version 7.4 (February 2, 2017)

- Redesigned network scanner. Grouping cam drivers by IP address.
- Less memory use for MJPEG streams.
- Improved smooth MP4 recording for RTSP streams.
- 'Delete archive' for cloud in Camera Settings - Recording.
- 'Delete archive' for cloud and local storage in App Settings.
- Switching off notifications in app drawer also disable rec on motion.
- Fixed app passcode dialog crash.

Version 7.3 (January 20, 2017)

- More than 8 presets.
- Not overlapping buttons by actionbar when 'Rec & audio in multiple layout' enabled.
- New MS OneDrive API support.
- Fixed PTZ for Sricam via ONVIF driver.
- Fixed green thumbnails generated for D-Link recorded videos.
- Fixed multiple memory leaks. Less memory used by the app.
- Show non hidden text in notifications in lock screen.
- Tasker actions like 'Make motion (not) detected', 'Low-bandwidth profile', etc. now works in background mode.
- Finnish translation.

Version 7.2 (December 14, 2016)

- Support for internal Android cameras (front and back). Android 5.0+ only. Required CAMERA permission. Check this video https://goo.gl/5z60mC.
- Reboot Android device via web server (root required).
- Dropbox API v2.
- Autorecovery for SW H.264 decoder.
- Autoclose recording file when connection lost.
- Fixed deleting/sharing invalid file when next/prev file selected in video playback.
- Saved last arm/disarm state.
- Ability to specify Chromecast device in 'Start Google Cast' Tasker action.
- Improved timeline in tinyCam Cloud (Beta).

Version 7.1 (October 22, 2016)

- Redesigned video playback with slow/fast play speed.
- Android 7.1 support - app shortcuts and round launcher icon.
- Improved audio graph.
- Improved web server. Better robustness. Ability to delete recordings.
- Smooth audio fade in/out.
- Added 2x5 vertical layout.
- CPU usage in background mode and web server.
- Improved in-app motion detection. 16x9 grid is used.
- Record audio in background mode. Switch it on in App Settings - Developer.
- Fixed out of sync audio recording.
- 'Audio duration until squelch' in App Settings - Audio.
- Simplified Chinese translation.

Version 7.0 (September 12, 2016)

- Select audio file to play via camera speaker. Designed for baby monitoring. See YouTube video.
- New HTTP engine. Better response time and less delays.
- Password encryption is obtained automatically. Removed from camera settings.
- Rotate PTZ controls in Advanced Settings.
- Quick settings for background mode and web server on Android Nougat 7.0.
- Picture-in-picture (PiP) for Android TV running Android Nougat 7.0. See http://goo.gl/MzZyoc
- Use gamepad's right joystick to control pan-tilt cameras on Android TV.
- Play/pause button on Android TV remote starts/stops sequence mode.
- Added guest account (view only) for embedded web server. Disabled by default.
- Added Start/Stop Google Cast Tasker action.
- New protocol 'Undefined' for generic URLs. Mostly for H264 elementary stream via HTTP.
- 4 Tasker commands per camera with rename ability.
- More camera drivers (as usual), e.g Nest/Dropcam support (1fps).
- Android 4.1 is minimum version supported now for tinyCam Monitor 7.x and above.For older Android devices tinyCam 6.7.9 is still available.
- Reduced app size.
- Bluetooth keyboards support. See keys mapping below.

- Fixed video widget corrupted image issue for H264/H265 cameras.
- Do not refresh widgets when screen switched on when widget refresh interval is big.
- Fixed background audio for P2P protocol for Foscam cameras.
- Fixed background motion detection cannot be started without recording switched on.

Both full screen and multiple layout
i - show/hide statistics
M - show/hide menu
S - sequence mode start/stop
F - full/multiple layout
K/PageUp/, - left
L/PageDown/. - right

Full screen only
+/- digital zoom in/out
0 - go to multiple layout

Multiple layout only
1,2...9 - camera to select for full screen layout

Version 6.7 (August 2, 2016)

- Time-lapse recording.
- Notifications in app drawer. Allows to arm/disarm batch on-camera motion detection.
- Matrix mode in web server.
- Web server API for changing low-bandwidth profile, notifications, power safe mode.
- Digital zoom on Android TV and Amazon Fire TV using gamepad. Accelerate/decelerate - zoom in/out, joystick - pan/tilt.
- Allows empty ONVIF credentials.
- Fixed broken MP4 recording on Android 4.3 devices.
- Save last PTZ used (joystick or buttons).
- Show 8 presets and zoom buttons in both portrait and landscape modes.
- Plugins support.
- Android 7.0 Nougat support.

Version 6.6 (March 23, 2016)

- Power safe mode.
- Digital zoom and track on motion for live view.
- New in-app motion detection algorithm.
- 'Keep Screen On' option in App Settings.
- Multi-window support for Android N.
- Skip detecting any motion within 10 seconds if PTZ used.
- One finger zoom (Google Maps like).
- Fixed D-Link 403 issue.
- HW+ decoder improvements. It is now stable.
- Added Hacks section in App Settings - Developer Settings.

Version 6.5 (February 17, 2016)

- Immersive full-screen mode in live view for Android 4.4 and above with improved animation.
- New experimental Hardware+ H.264/H.265 decoder.
- Zoom buttons for Android Wear app.
- "Pin to home" from multiple page layout menu. Saves current page and tag into homescreen shortcut.
- Internal watchdog for automatic restarting background mode or web server in case of crash. Robust 24/7 recording.
- Switch shown in app drawer when server enabled.
- Start background mode right from web server.
- Public API for web server and redesigned landing page.
- Statistics in notification for web server.
- Memory optimization (less RAM usage) in live view.
- Fixed jerky live view on some cameras, e.g. Amcrest.
- Support for Vimtag (Fujikam), Annke cloud cameras.
- 2-w audio for Amcrest and D-Link some models.

Version 6.4 (January 27, 2016)

- Live view via web server.
- Added new model "tinyCam Monitor PRO" under vendor "Android" to connect another tinyCam running web server.
- Fingerprint authentication for Nexus 5X/6P.
- \"Wake up on motion\" event for background mode.
- New zoom UI control.
- Keep original aspect ratio for widgets (App Settings - Widget Settings). Useful for tablets.
- Update widget when roaming (App Settings - Widget Settings). Off by default.
- New Tasker condition - Connection Lost.
- New Tasker action - Start/Stop Video.
- Broken connection auto resume for Chromecast.
- TV: Hack to enable background mode for TV in App Settings - Developer.
- Connection lost sound in App Settings - Audio Settings plays alarm audio on disconnection.
- Improved P2P for Foscam.
- Better ZoneMinder support.
- Proprietary protocol (H264) for Blue Iris. Switch to new v4 model. 1-w audio & pan-tilt.

Version 6.3 (November 27, 2015)

- P2P for Foscam HD cameras (in beta).
- Send notifications by email when motion detected. Notif. sent via tinycammonitor.com and are encrypted. There is a limit of notifications per month.
- Improved D-Link scanner.
- SSL fix.
- LAN scanner sets automatically remote hostname and port number for some routers.
- Improved multi window support for Samsung devices.
- Fixed resetting motion params for Foscam HD cams on enable/disable motion detection.
- Fixed Nexus Player running Android 6.0.
- Added restoring floating window positions in notification.

Version 6.2 (October 22, 2015)

- New toggle widget to start background mode and web server right from home screen.
- 1 FPS refresh rate for widgets.
- Long press on speaker icon forces to play audio if squelch used.
- Internal web server for recordings remote access. See video.
- Revamped Manage Cameras window with more material design.
- Improved navigation in live view.
- Added cloud recording to Amazon Cloud Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.
- HEVC/H.265 video decoder (both software and hardware).
- Pause/resume buttons in background audio notification.
- Improved face detection if Google Play Services installed.
- "Start background mode on boot" parameter in App Settings.
- "Autodetect home/away network" option in App Settings.
- "Hide rec & audio in single layout" option in App Settings.
- "TV recommendations" option in App Settings (Android TV only).
- "Low-bandwidth profile" action in Tasker plugin.
- "Autodetect home/away network" action in Tasker plugin.
- "Start/stop web server" actions in Tasker plugin.
- Android 6.0 support.
- "System notification on motion" in Camera Settings - Motion Detection.
- Make black background when video switched off to preserve battery for AMOLED screens.
- Romanian, Slovenian, and Ukrainian translation.

Version 6.1 (July 14, 2015)

- Improved UI for single camera view.
- Improved UI for Android TV, Google TV, Amazon Fire TV.
- Face detection.
- Last used camera in recommendations for Android TV.
- Proprietary protocol (HD video) for VStarcam, Wanscam, Sricam.
- On-camera motion detection for Hikvision, VStarcam, Wanscam, Sricam.
- Auto start app on boot feature in App Settings. New permission required.
- Auto hide bars in single layout feature in App Settings.
- Fixed choppy MP4 recordings.
- Delete recording from playback.
- Support for special characters in password for ONVIF and RTSP cameras.
- Low-bandwidth profile for ONVIF.
- No multiple floating windows of the same camera (for Tasker).

Version 6.0 (May 18, 2015)

- Background recording and background motion detection. Make your own DVR from Android device! See this video.
- Better stability and low memory usage for background audio.
- More Material Design and new launcher icon.
- Improved in-app motion detector. Shows where exactly (in which cell) motion occurred in motion detection area.
- PTZ for P2P.
- Timestamp in widget.

Version 5.9 (March 20, 2015)

- Google Drive recording.
- P2P (peer to peer) cameras support (video and 1-w audio). Select vendor (P2P), scan QR code and specify password. P2P works only for some vendors, e.g. Tenvis. Foscam does not work at the moment.
- Show lock icon near camera name if secure connection (SSL) used.
- Ability to block untrusted SSL certificates via new Security section in app settings (for paranoid). Self-signed or expired certificates will not work if this feature enabled.
- Draw timestamp on recording and split long MP4 video into segments on recording (by default, 15 min and 50 MB).
- Support HTTPS for Foscam H.264 cameras.
- Low-bandwidth profile now works for Foscam H.264 camera. You can also use channels. Only main stream is used, not secondary stream. For low-bandwidth profile Smooth mode is used.
- Improved responsiveness for pan-tilt for Foscam.
- Recording, listening, sequence mode for Tasker plugin.
- Minimal Android version now is 2.3 (Gingerbread). Was 2.2.
- Added quota for recording MP4. By default 100MB.
- Dramatically improved speed for recording H.264 streams without making reencoding. Draw timestamp should be off.
- Improved H.264 hardware decoder.
- Improved camera scanner.
- More camera drivers.

Version 5.8 (January 31, 2015)

- Group your cameras using tags. You can assign own layout for every tag group and multiple tags for single camera. Use Manage Cameras window for tags assignment.
- Audio recording (Android 4.3+). If you press audio playback while video recording, your MP4 file will contain audio track as well.
- Moved Low-bandwidth Profile toggle to drawer.
- Multiple floating windows (4 max). Readd floating window tasks in Tasker.
- 2-w audio for Maygion, Mobotix, VStarcam, Wanscam JW/HW series, Hikvision.
- Recording notification is shown when "Record on motion" enabled.
- Added "Stop cast to Android Wear" Tasker event.
- Recording interval on motion detected in Camera Settings - Motion Detection.
- Simultaneous multiple cameras recording to MP4 now works.
- Android Wear app optimizations for Lollilop update.
- Reverted ability moving app to SD. Widgets and Tasker will not work if the app on SD.
- Czech, Dutch, Polish translation.

Version 5.7 (November 22, 2014)

- Material Design for Android 2.2 - 5.0.
- Drawer from Material Design.
- Option to hide statusbar in live view in App Settings.
- Zoom on double tap in single view option in App Settings.
- Quick database search.
- PTZ for ONVIF.
- Ability to specify HLS/ASF/MMS video sources in vendor (Generic) model Generic URL.
- GoPro HERO3 and HERO4 cameras support.
- Improved camera search.
- Better support for QHD screens.

Version 5.6 (October 3, 2014)

- ONVIF Profile S support (video/audio/search).
- Cast to Android Wear. Say �OK Google. Start tinyCam Monitor� on your Android Wear device or use �Cast to Android Wear� menu item in companion app to start casting. Single tap - zoom in. Swipe to the right - select cameras. See YouTube how it works.
- Tasker/Locale automation plugin for both tasks/actions and states/conditions. More info here.
- RTSP over UDP (both unicast and multicast) protocols support.
- 2x performance improvement for software MPEG-4/H.264 video decoder. Less battery drain.
- Temporarily disarm alarms. Press on motion detection icon in the upper right corner to disarm/arm alarm.
- Don't show multiple cameras if only 1 camera enabled.

Version 5.5 (June 14, 2014)

- Improved network scanner.
- Android Wear notifications.
- Foscam FI9803W, FI9851P, FosBaby (w/ temperature sensor support).
- Video widget for both home and lock screens.
- Floating window (new permission requested). Available in menu in 1 camera layout or by long pressing Back button. Double tap on floating window to bring back the app.
- Pin to home for making camera shortcut on home screen (new permission requested). Available in menu in 1 camera layout. For Android 4.4+ only.
- Ability to use SSL for local and remote connection separately.
- Portuguese translation.

Version 5.4 (May 27, 2014)

- RTSP video support (RTSP over TCP, RTSP over HTTP) with support JPEG/MPEG-4/H.264 codecs (both SW and HW).
- RTSP audio support.
- Transcoding for Chromecast.
- Redesigned audio for Y-Cam, WiFi Baby, Sharx Security.
- Support for any RTSP URLs in Camera Settings - Advanced Settings - JPEG/MJPEG/RTSP request field.
- Speed improvements for software H.264 decoder. See video.
- Auto switching to software decoder if hardware one failed.
- RTSP request via custom_vendors.xml.

Version 5.3 (April 16, 2014)

- Google Cast™ Ready (Chromecast support). Only for devices with Google Play services and for Android 2.3+.
- Multiple background audio.
- Amazon Fire TV & Google TV support.
- Fixed out of memory issue for Android 4.0+ devices.
- Speed up UI for multiple camera layouts.
- Added 2 new camera layouts 3x5 and 5x5. Now you can watch 25 cameras at once.

Version 5.2 (February 15, 2014)

- In-app motion detection.
- Ability to switch off on-camera motion detection usage in the app.
- Rec and audio buttons in multiple cameras layout are hidden by default (enable them via App Settings).
- New audio amplification parameter in Camera Settings - Audio.
- Background audio alarm automatically pauses for 15 sec all audio sources being played.
- FTPS protocol support for encrypted FTP uploading.
- Sensors support for some cameras (temperature sensor for Mobotix and Visiomed).
- Image preview after snapshot taken.
- New "Cameras per page" look.
- More UI animation.

Version 5.1.8 (February 2, 2014)

- Fixed incorrect colors H.264 encoding.
- Fixed long startup issue for Foscam FI9821W, FI9831W, FI9826W, FI9828W, FI9805W.
- Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Version 5.1.5 (December 18, 2013)

- Added ability to hide audio graph.
- German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese translation.
- Fixed Dropbox unlink issue.
- Fixed GPU overdraw in multiple cameras layout.
- Fixed a tablets crash on saving presets in portrait mode.
- Fixed a bug which does not allow saving camera settings while background audio is on.
- Username\password Base64 format encoding.

Version 5.1 (November 29, 2013)

- Hardware accelerated H.264 video recording for Android 4.3+ devices (MP4 file). Change codec in App Settings -> Recording -> Encoder.
- Hardware accelerated H.264 video decoder for Android 4.3+ devices. At the moment used only by Foscam 2013 cameras. Change codec in App Settings -> Video -> H.264 decoder.
- Saving last used audio state. No need to switch on audio all the time.
- Stability improvements for Foscam FI9821W (both V1 and V2) and FI9831W.
- UI improvements for high density screens, e.g. Galaxy S4 and HTC One.
- More camera drivers.

Version 5.0 (October 3, 2013)

- UI redesign with new high-res resources and smooth animation.
- Major internal app redesign to bring more unique features in upcoming updates.
- New joystick pan-tilt control.
- Accelerometer based pan-tilt control now disabled. Let us know if anyone needs it.
- New camera status window with extended statistics.

- Audio monitoring from multiple cameras simultaneously.
- Audio histogram in full screen layout when audio listening is on.
- Push to talk with colorful audio meters.
- Background audio led lights alarm notification for Nexus devices.
- 2-w audio for Foscam FI9821W, FI9821W V2, FI9826W, FI9828W/FI9828E, FI9831W.
- 2-w audio for Foscam FI8602W, FI8608W, FI8620, FI9820W.

[drivers & h.264]
- H.264 codec support for Foscam FI9821W, FI9821W V2, FI9826W, FI9828W/FI9828E, FI9831W. Select H.264 codec in Camera Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Camera Codec. Please update your firmware to the latest version before.
- Ubiquiti Networks Aircam finally supported.
- More camera drivers.

Version 4.3 (July 30, 2013)

- MJPG-streamer support
- 1-w audio for FOSCAM FI9821W and FI9821W V2
- Motion detection support for FOSCAM FI9821W
- Fixed blank remote hostname issue
- Fixed audio crash for Tenvis JPT3815W2013
- Multi window support for Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Galaxy Notes, Galaxy Tabs
- Switch off background audio from notification bar (for Android 4.1 and above)
- Added Ducki and Wanscam JW0002/JW0004, Neovision Technology
- Added support for FOSCAM FI9801W/FI9802W cameras. Upgrade your firmware to first!
- Added support for FOSCAM FI9821W cameras. Upgrade your firmware to first! 2-w audio coming soon.
- Support for FOSCAM FI8916W with 2-w audio.

Version 4.2 (Dec 6, 2012)

- Fixed audio alarm detection issue for FOSCAM H.264 cameras
- Fixed Yawcam password issue
- Added single and double beep alarm sounds
- Android 4.2 support
- UI changes for better support modern Android phones without Menu key
- 1-w audio support for FOSCAM H.264 cameras (FI8602W, FI8608W, FI8620, FI9820W). Make sure that G711 codec selected for the first stream on camera.

Version 4.1 (Nov 2, 2012)

- Fixed a passcode bug when it was possible to bypass lock screen in some cases
- Fixed a bug when app was unloaded in background and not loaded properly after that
- Force to show action bar for all ICS based HTC phones
- Great collection of alarm sounds to choose from in App Settings
- Fixed Foscam audio bug that caused the audio level to gradually climb up and trigger alarm
- Help section UI improvement for ICS devices
- Saved snapshots are also available via Gallery app
- Show notifications on alarm for background audio
- Added Grundig, Aquila Vizion, MyiHome AirLinkWiFi, Visiomed cams

Version 4.0 (July 10, 2012)

- Audio support for Foscam cams used via DNS service (dyn.com/dns, no-ip.com, etc.)
- Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) support
- Dropped support for old Android devices prior to Android 2.2 (no support for Android 1.6, 2.0, 2.1 anymore)
- Remote hostname and port number in advanced camera settings used when on 3G/4G network (away mode)
- 2-w audio for IP Webcam for Android by Pas
- Added new Foscam models, Aztech, HORSTEK, Eyespy247, SerComm, Yoics, RVi cams

Version 3.9 (March 29, 2012)

- Background audio (beta)
- LAN scanner for BlackBerry Playbook is now working
- Sharx Security and Y-cam camera audio for new firmware
- HTTP redirection support
- Added ENSIDIO, Qcam cams

Version 3.8 (Feb 23, 2012)

- Additional 7 cams layout
- Fixed click noise while talking for Axis
- SSL support for talking
- Added ability to change brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, hue, sharpness for some cameras
- Added Led auto parameter
- Sharing image after snapshot
- Added Zonet cams and new H.264 FOSCAM cams

Version 3.7 (Jan 19, 2012)

- PTZ camera control using accelerometer (video)
- Added diagonal pan-tilt buttons for some cameras
- Panasonic 1-w audio (G.726). Not available on Google TV
- More audio codecs for Axis cameras (G.726)
- New 3 cameras layout for tall devices
- Ability to specify path for local recording (on SD)
- Confirmation dialog to switch on mic while talking
- Passcode dialog to block unauthorized app access
- Fixed ICS tablets Live view Menu button issue
- Korean translation
- Added Pulse, SimpleIP, Vivtron cams

Version 3.6 (Dec 14, 2011)

- Added alarm audio threshold in camera settings (baby monitor) (video)
- Ability to switch off video stream (baby monitor). Audio will remain on. Press Menu while watching the cam and select More -> Toggle video stream on/off
- Added Allow Network parameter in App Settings to block cams access if not WiFi connection is used
- Scanner now works while on 3G also. Only one host can be scanned.

Version 3.5 (Dec 2, 2011)

- Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwitch) support
- New icon set for Android 3.x and 4.0
- Dropbox support redesign. Now camera settings are being stored in "Apps\tinyCam Monitor PRO" folder at Dropbox cloud. Export all your cameras to Dropbox once again to get it work. Note that due to the bug in Chrome Dropbox is not working on Google TV at the moment.
- Added recording images to Dropbox and FTP server (video)
- Added recording on motion detected to Dropbox and FTP server
- Added Bright Screen parameter in App Settings
- Added Admin window on PTZ controls for Axis, FOSCAM and some other cams which allows executing admin commands, e.g. switching off motion detection, change resolution, reboot cam.
- New Advanced mode in Network Scanner for detecting unknown models
- Added audio and motion detection for Planet cams
- Ability to load a custom xml file with your own defined camera requests, see App Settings -> Developer section
- Flip image vertically and horizontally
- Added Agasio, Brickcom, DB Power, EasySE, Encore Electronics, EDEN, Dericam, Promelit, WiFi Baby cams

Version 3.3 (Oct 4, 2011)

- Video perfomance improved 1.5x times by disabling antialiasing by default. Go in App Settings to switch it on if you find image "pixelated".
- 2x video performance improved for Honeycomb tablets (video)
- Dim screen on idle parameter in App Settings
- Improved cameras detection by LAN Scanner if they use Bonjour service
- Usability optimization for Google TV
- FOSCAM audio automatic reconnection in case of error
- Added LogiLink cams

Version 3.2 (Sep 16, 2011)

- Google TV native support (featured app)
- 2-way audio for FOSCAM and clones (experimental)
- Audio volume meter
- Audio squelch threshold. Use it for baby monitor. Not working for Y-cam.
- New PTZ and Google TV icons
- Encrypted (digest) authentication support (PRO only). Use the corresponding parameter in Advanced Settings if you want your credentials to be sent encrypted over HTTP. Not all cameras support it. Tested on Axis and SONY cams.
- Fixed "UI not responding" issue when using PTZ on some low connections
- Fixed 1 cam layout startup issue. Now it is possible to have 1 camera layout on startup if you manually choose 1 cam layout through menu.
- Added Beward, Heden, Hunt, Marmitek, Tenvis, TCLINK, INSTAR cams

Version 3.1 (Aug 23, 2011)

- New UI background and launcher icons
- On camera motion detection for FOSCAM and FOSCAM clones (PRO only)
- Sequence mode in multiple layouts for automatic page switching
- Added app parameter "Show statusbar in live view". By default statusbar is hidden.

Version 3.0 (Aug 11, 2011)

- Native UI for Honeycomb tablets (Android 3.x)
- 1-way audio for FOSCAM
- 2-way audio for Axis (full duplex). Record audio permission should be granted for mic (only for PRO).
- LAN Scanner now also supports Ethernet scanning
- LAN Scanner bugfix for some Honeycomb tablets (ASUS Eee Pad Transformer)
- IR support for Axis
- Motion detection for ABS and Y-cam
- New parameter in app settings to suppress audio speaker when mic is on. Usefull for echo cancelation while talking. Switched on by default.
- Sequence mode timeout parameter in app settings
- PTZ swipes changes for FOSCAM. Second swipe in the same or oposite direction stop camera movement
- Displaying additional data (fps and bandwidth consumption) on screen. Press several times on camera to view data.
- Fixed Import to SD/Dropbox which didn't work on some Android devices
- Added AirLive, Blue Iris, JMK, HAMA, Microseven, Novus, EasyN, more FOSCAM models

Version 2.16 (July 7, 2011)

- Image rotation 90, 180, 270 degrees
- Flip PTZ controls parameter
- Improved D-pad usability for PTZ control for Foscam, etc.
- Removed confirmation dialog to speedup making snapshots
- Audio for some Gadspot cams
- Added Apexis, Maygion, Bosch, Storage Options, Zaapa

Version 2.15.2 (June 15, 2011)

- Improved startup screen design for tablets
- Added 'Low-bandwidth profile' parameter (1 fps, low quality) in App settings (video)
- Added animation on swipes
- Added audio for DLink DCS-900 and DCS-930L, audio for Edimax
- Added SONY SNC-RZ25 (audio, ptz), Wansview NC541 (ptz), Toshiba cams, Yawcam, Added Defender DVR, Night Owl DVR, Sentry360, SparkLan, iPUX
- Fix Dropbox service crash

Version 2.14 (May 20, 2011)

- Sync cameras online on multiple Android devices through Dropbox service
- "Keep original aspect ratio" parameter in app settings
- Added ability to switch IR LEDs on/off. Currently works only for Foscam and Mobotix
- Login dialog is shown if credentials are incorrect
- Added VPON, Dedicated Micros DVRs, SECuRET Livestream for Android, Rimax, Pelco Sarix and Spectra IV cams, NetMedia, Lorex LN cams

Version 2.13.2 (Apr 21, 2011)

- Added app settings: lock screen orientation, use swipes for PTZ, etc. Go to Manage Cameras, press Menu and select App Settings.
- Added audio support for Y-cam and Sharx Security. For both cameras "Allow anonymous access" should be switched on in order to listen to sound. Note that there could be up to one minute audio and video out of sync.
- Added audio for SONY SNC cameras. G.711 (PCMU) codec should be selected on camera.
- Added audio for TRENDnet models TV-IP501P and TV-IP600W
- Added Sitecom LN-400 cam, Compro IP cams, AVTech DVRs, ADT DVR, Motion for Linux
- Added EvoCam to view webcams on Mac
- Added support for IP Webcam for Android app by Pas. You can watch live video in tinyCam Monitor from another Android device running free IP Webcam in the same network (WiFi only). Audio, LED On/Off, Autofocus. Perfect solution for baby/pets monitor (video).
- PTZ for webcamXP
- More Gadspot DVR models
- Italian translation. Thanks Max and Sara!

Version 2.12.0 (Apr 4, 2011)

- Added multi-touch pinch zoom in full screen mode
- In pan-tilt control mode beside pan-tilt buttons zoom buttons will be shown in landscape mode for easier PTZ control
- Added Bewan, Grandtec cams and GeoVision V6/V7 DVR

Version 2.11.0 (Mar 26, 2011)

- Usability improvement. Disabled cameras "black boxes" are not shown on live view anymore. Enabling cameras are available through Manage Cameras window.
- Cookies authentication fix (fixed ZoneMinder PTZ for some installations and Axis 225FD at least)
- Added KGuard, NorthQ, Speco Tech cams, Security Labs and Gadspot DVRs

Version 2.10.0 (Mar 13, 2011)

- Added ability to save PTZ presets. Long press on PTZ preset button to save the current position as preset.
- Presets for FOSCAM

Version 2.9.3 (Mar 1, 2011)

- Added ABS (ptz), A-Link, AbelCam (ptz), Gadspot
- Fixed "Bad file number" for French SFR customers

Version 2.9.1 (Feb 26, 2011)

- Added Copy Settings feature in Advanced Camera Settings. Useful for DVRs and NVRs setup.
- French translation thanks to Frederic. Contact the author to help translating UI into your language.
- Fixed 3G/4G rarely occurred connection error
- Added more models to Vivotek and DLink

Version 2.8.0 (Feb 20, 2011)

- tinyCam Monitor Pro added to SlideME Marketplace as a paid app. Now it is possible to buy Pro version for all those countries which have disabled paid apps in Android Market or for the devices without Android Market installed.

Version 2.7.6 (Feb 14, 2011)

- Added audio for Axis cams (G.711)
- More presets available in landscape mode
- Fixed video issue for old Linksys/Cisco
- Added AVerMedia cams

Version 2.7.1 (Feb 6, 2011)

- PTZ bugfix. PTZ in FOSCAM cams should work now perfectly
- Integrated support for thousands webcams via WorldScope Webcams for Android - official Webcams.travel app. WorldScope app needs to be installed in order to view, record and save live feeds from cams. Select at "Manage Cameras" window "More webcams" menu item for additional info.
- Fixed problems on import/export for Samsung Galaxy S
- Added iCAMView, Asante, Asoni support
- ZoneMinder PTZ support
- More YouTube videos uploaded. Check out http://youtube.com/user/tinycammonitor

Version 2.6.1 (Jan 29, 2011)

- Added cyclic video recording feature in Pro edition (on screen button in full screen mode and recording on motion detected). Archive playback will be available in future releases.
- On screen PTZ beautification
- On camera motion detection for IQinVision cameras
- Reverted D-Pad PTZ control in full screen mode
- Added ACTi, A-MTK, Digitus, Grandstream Networks, Hootoo, Plustek cameras support

Version 2.5.0 (Jan 19, 2011)

- Audio playback for some TRENDnet cams. Two-way audio for more cams will come out soon in Pro edition
- On screen PTZ controls added. Press small popup dot in full screen layout to choose PTZ screens
- Swipes in full screen mode now being used for next/prev camera selection, not for PTZ

Version 2.4.0 (Jan 9, 2011)

- Memory optimization. Now 16 cams layout should work without problems
- Added camera status in camera settings and some statistics

Version 2.3.2 (Jan 6, 2011)

- Added support for ZoneMinder
- Added port range window for scanner
- Added ability to vibrate or play sound on motion detected
- SSL related fixes

Version 2.2.1 (Dec 30, 2010)

- Added support for on camera motion detection in Pro edition. Currently only Axis cams supported
- Device rotation changes screen layout
- Major memory optimization

Version 2.1.7 (Christmas Edition) (Dec 23, 2010)

- Pan-tilt controls automatically inverted if image flipped
- Memory usage optimization
- Added TRENDnet TC-IP312W support
- Fix for proper handling authorization request and SSL

Version 2.1.2 (Christmas Edition) (Dec 17, 2010)

- Added ability to import/export cams to make backups or to transfer them between Free and Pro edition
- Added ability for modern phones to move application to SD card
- Added Cisco vendor
- Added DLink DCS-5230 and Linksys WVC210
- Added SSL support for Pro edition

Version 2.0.2 (Dec 11, 2010)

- Increased max number of supported cams in Free version to 16 as it was in Tiny DVR 1.6 (4 cams simultaneously)
- Option to show live view window on startup
- Password text is hidden
- Fixed startup crash in some circumstances
- Added support for ELRO cameras

Version 2.0.0 (Dec 9, 2010)

- Tiny DVR renamed to tinyCam Monitor
- tinyCam Monitor now has two versions: "Free" (4 cams per layout, max 16 cams) and "Pro" (unlimited cameras + additional features)
- Added LAN camera search (only for Pro edition)
- New multiple multiple cam layouts (only for Pro edition)
- Added flip image option in advanced settings to support ceiling camera mount
- Added ability to choose camera model
- Added support for Vilar IP cameras, Creative Live! Wireless and Security Spy software. PTZ added for Edimax cameras.

Version 1.x (Feb 6, 2010)

- First major release

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