Developer settings

Custom vendors xml file

Path to local xml file where external camera models defined. See for more info.

Read app logs

Get app logs for troubleshooting to be sent to app developer.

Read wearable app logs

Wearable app logs for troubleshooting.

Record also audio in background mode.

Beta feature. By default, off.

Force TV UI

Force to use UI adoptable for TVs. Useful for no-name TV boxes. By default, off.

YUV planes for Android camera

Enable it if Android camera in the app produces invalid colors. By default, off.

Highlight detected in-app motion

Show blue rectangles in the place where motion detected. Useful for in-app motion tuning. By default, off.

Highlight detected face

Show blue rectangle in the place where face detected. Useful for face detection tuning. By default, off.

Legacy in-app motion detection

Old in-app motion detection algorithm. By default, off.

Live view sustained performance (Android 7+ only)

More battery saving. More info