Change color theme.

Status bar in live view

Show status bar in live view. If unchecked status bar will be hidden. By default, off.

Auto hide bars in single layout

Automatically hide bars in single camera layout after a couple seconds of inactivity. By default, off.

Zoom on double tap in single layout

Zoom in/out on double tap in single camera layout. If unchecked double tap brings multiple camera layout screen. By default, on.

Rec & audio in multiple layout

Show recording and audio listen buttons in multiple layout. Enable it if you want to allow listening to audio from multiple cameras at the same time in foreground or background. By default, off.

Hide rec & audio in single layout

Hide recording and audio listen/talk buttons in single layout when bars are hidden. By default, on.

Auto start live view on boot

Automatically start live view after the device booted. By default, off.

Auto start background mode on boot

Automatically start background mode after the device booted. Useful when you make 24/7 recording via background mode and want to be sure that recording continues after the device unexpectedly rebooted. By default, off.

Auto start web server on boot

Automatically start web server mode after the device booted. Useful for 24/7 recording via background mode. By default, off.

Keep screen on

Do not allow switch off the screen on inactivity while in live view. By default, on.

Bright screen

Show live view at maximum brightness. By default, off.

Dim screen on idle

Dim live view screen after a couple seconds of inactivity. By default, off. Works only when bright screen is on.

Sequence mode timeout

Timeout in seconds when changing cameras or cameras pages sequentially (sequence mode).

Allowed network

Prevent app uses cellular data network if WiFi only selected. By default, All networks used.

Autodetect home/away network

If on (by default) the app tries to guess which local or remote hostname/port should be used if both specified in Camera Settings for the camera.

If the switch is off, the app shows additional Home network menu item in live view left slide menu (drawer). Enabled Home network forces to use local hostname/port, disabled - remote ones.

Autodetection will be disabled for the camera if home WiFi network specified in Camera Settings - Advanced.

App passcode

4 digit passcode to be used to block unauthorized app access. It is also possible unlock the app by fingerprint if the device has fingerprint scanner.

Send statistics

Allow the app developer to collect usage statistics anonymously to improve the app.