Camera settings

Camera status

Press to check video stream and video statistics.


Check to enable the camera. Disabled camera will not be shown in live view.

Camera name

Unique name to be used for the camera in the app. Camera name is used for recording as a directory name.

Camera vendor

Manufacturer of the camera.

Camera model

Make of the camera.

Hostname/IP address

Hostname or IP address of the camera, e.g. or

Web/ONVIF port number

Default 80.


Protocol to be used for connecting to camera. The app can support multiple protocols. Try to change protocols for better frame rate or stable video stream.

It is recommended to use Proprietary protocol if the app supports it.

RTSP/media port number

Port to be used for connecting via RTSP protocol. Default 554.


Fully encrypted connection. App supports self-signed certificates.

By default the app tries to encrypt credentials if camera supports that (digest authentication). However it is still possible to intercept video/audio stream by network providers. We encourage you to use HTTPS connection or VPN (even better) for fully secured connection.


Username for camera access.


Password for camera access.