Motion detection

The app supports two types of motion detection: on-camera and in-app.

On-camera motion detection

On-camera motion detection is done solely on camera. All settings like motion detection area or motion sensitivity should be changed via camera web interface.

It does not use Android device CPU for detecting motion (no battery consumption) but it may consume additional traffic.

If on-camera motion detection is disabled in Camera Settings, then your camera does not support motion detection or it does not provide access for 3d party apps like tinyCam Monitor for motion data.

In-app motion detection

In-app motion detection is done in the app and is available for all cameras. It efficiently uses Android device CPU for detecting if motion occurred (battery consumption).

In-app motion detection is sensitive to image quality and video compression artifacts. Using higher video stream quality is recommended.

Press in-app motion sensitivity to change additional motion settings.

Face detection

The app triggers alarm when any face detected in video. The app uses Google Play Services 7.8+ embedded improved face detector if available.

Press face detection sensitivity to change additional face settings.

Sound on motion

Play sound on Android device when motion detected.

Vibration on motion

Vibrate Android device when motion detected.

System notification on motion

Show system notification with image (if possible) when motion detected.

Email on motion

Send email when motion detected. Email to be sent to should be specified in “App Settings” -> “Email Account”.

Zoom and track on motion (live view)

Digital zoom on moving object and tracking.

Wake up on motion (background mode)

Switch on device screen temporarily and show camera live view when motion detected.

Record to local storage (SD card) on motion

Record to local storage within several seconds when motion detected.

Record to cloud on motion

Record to Dropbox or Google Drive within several seconds when motion detected. Your cloud service should be linked against the app in “App Settings” -> “Cloud Account”.

Record to FTP on motion

Record to FTP server within several seconds when motion detected. FTP account should be set in “App Settings” -> “FTP Account”.