The app supports two types of recording: H.264/AAC (MP4 container) and JPEG. H.264 recording is available only for Android 4.3+ devices. In background mode only video is recorded. In live view both video and audio can be recorded in MP4 container.

H.264 recording works for local storage recording only. For cloud and FTP recording JPEGs are used (will be fixed in future app updates).

Recording directory

Local storage recording directory. If you have SD card available or any other additional storage connected to your Android device, pressing DEFAULT button should allow selecting that storage for recording.

NOTE: It is recommended to install free ES File Explorer app for folder selection. New SELECT button should appear.


Encoder to be used for local storage recording.

Cut by duration (min)

H.264 only. Make a new video file segment if time reached. By default, 15 min.

Cut by size (MB)

H.264 only. Make a new video file segment if file size reached. By default, 100 MB.

Draw timestamp

Draw timestamp in the lower bottom corner.

WARNING: Enabling timestamp will force the app to reencode the video which can cause more battery drain.

Delete archive

Delete all recordings done by the app on local storage.


Record before motion detected (background mode only)

Number of seconds to record before motion detected. Pre-recorded buffer will remain in memory and will be flushed when motion detected.

WARNING: This parameter can cause the app to crash if the device does not have enough memory.

Record after motion detected

Number of seconds to record after motion detected.